CHPQA Accreditation

CHPQA (Combined Heat & Power Quality Assurance) is a voluntary scheme set up by the UK government to encourage the development of Good Quality CHP Schemes.

CHPQA Accreditation (Certification) allows the owners of CHP schemes to claim the following benefits:

Most of our clients come to us already aware that they need one or more of these benefits to successfully deliver their project, but often unaware of the specific criteria and often lengthy timescales involved in CHPQA Accreditation.


Pre-accreditation Support

Equis Energy are experts in gaining CHPQA Accreditation for clients’ CHP project. We specialise in renewable fuelled CHP such as biomass combustion and gasification, and anaerobic digestion (AD).

Based on our experience in numerous CHPQA Accreditations, we encourage developers who have projects requiring accreditation to contact us at the earliest stage. Determining what does (and what doesn't) constitute good quality use of CHP heat is crucial in delivering a scheme that meets all the criteria.

Failure to do so has resulted in clients incurring unbudgeted costs due to extra engineering re-design activity: costs that could have been avoided if a ‘CHPQA compliance assessment’ by Equis Energy had been included in the project development programme.

If you are developing a biomass CHP or AD scheme and require CHPQA Accreditation to meet the requirements of your project business plan you will want the condifence that your scheme meets CHPQA requirements. Speak to us now about how Equis Energy can help you.

How Equis Energy can help you

We will conduct a ‘CHPQA compliance assessment’ of your project, advising on key aspects for you to consider as you continue to develop the scheme and suggesting ways of ensuring the ‘path of least resistance’ when your project application is finally ready for submission.

We manage all aspects of your project’s CHPQA Accreditation process right up to the point of successfully securing your CHPQA Certificate.

Once you have your CHPQA Accreditation (Certification) you need to maintain it otherwise the benefits can be withdrawn. Equis Energy can support you by managing all plant performance monitoring requirements of your operational CHP scheme for your ongoing annual submission to the CHPQA Administrator.

Contact Equis Energy to see how we can deliver your CHPQA Accreditation (Certification).