Energy Consulting

Energy efficiency is probably the major component in achieving a Low Carbon business. 

In order to reduce ever-increasing energy costs, businesses need to be more efficient with the energy they use and cut out energy wastage. These actions simultaneously reduce a company's carbon footprint and help achieve corporate responsibility targets.

Equis Energy’s expertise helps businesses take control of their energy usage, to improve energy management and to make cost effective investment in energy saving equipment.

Energy Reduction & Strategies
The process typically starts with a site survey which takes an holistic look at the site activities, its related use of energy andenergy management. Alternatively, we can be guided to specific areas which the client has identified potential savings and immediately carry out a more focussed study.

The results of the study form the basis for developing and implementing an energy saving programme. This staged approach provides flexibility and allows the client to see the ‘big picture’ and carry out tasks in-house where they feel comfortable. Our flexible working approach delivers the optimum cost effective solution for the client.


Renewables and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Renewable energy can be generated from a wide range of technologies, the most well known being wind and solar. Ina ddition to these, Equis Energy specialises in biomass technologies such as gasification, anaerobic digestion (AD), combustion using fuels such as wood and wood waste and energy crops. If you have a renewable energy project idea or would like a feasibility study for a particular site, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

CHP is a smart way for companies to reduce their energy costs by exploiting the higher overall efficiency of a natural gas CHP generator compared to conventional Grid electricity and boiler plant.

Equis Energy uses commercial software to analyse your heat and power demands in order to determine the most suitable CHP solution for your site. We have gained considerable experience in the hotel and leisure centre sectors which are particularly suited to CHP. CHP assessments can be carried out as a specific assignment or as a wider Low Carbon assessment of your site.


We have an impressive client list including major industrial users of energy, medium sized production companies, hotels and office-based commercial operations which we have helped with our energy surveys and follow on support.

If you think you can improve your energy usage, contact us to see if we can help you to deliver on energy opportunities.