ROC Accreditation


Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) have been the UK government's main mechanism for increasing the amount of renewable electricity generation over the last decade.

The plain economics of the vast majority of industrial-scale renewable electricity generation is that commercial vaibility can only be achieved with the benefit of ROCs - Renewable Obligation Certificates - issued by Ofgem (the UK energy regulator). ROCs are issued within different technology bands for every megawatt hour of electricity a renewable generator produces.

In order to claim ROCs for renewable generation, each project needs prior accredited with Ofgem.

The value of ROCs can as much as treble the overall value of the generated power - so the importance of getting through the accreditation process is paramount!

For projects involving fuel streams such as anaerobic digestion (AD), biomass/waste combustion or gasification, Ofgem requires applicants to meet criteria on Fuel Measurement & Sampling (FMS) procedures and sustainability. The potential impact these have on projects still under development cannot be underestimated. Equis Energy can ensure your project is accredited quickly and smoothly - eliminating issues which can cause delays and lost ROC revenue.

Equis Energy can advise on your ROC applications and undertake the full application procedure with Ofgem.

If you have any questions about ROCs, or if you need help getting your project ROC accredited, then contact us here.