Biomass CHP Energy

Equis Energy offers consulting and project development services for Biomass CHP (Combined Heat & Power), Energy from Waste (EfW) and Biofuels power generation applications at large and small scale.

Equis Energy works with clients in identifying potential projects and conducting feasibility studies to assess the main
project barriers. We also consider joint venture partnerships under the right circumstances. As projects progress, we can
support clients by providing further expert consultancy such as:



Furthermore, our consulting work has included being appointed to carry out due diligence work on behalf of clients with interest in funding Biomass CHP and Biomass heat-only projects.

Equis Energy has particular expertise in Biomass CHP (small-scale wood gasification) technologies and projects. Biomass CHP is an emerging technology which offers huge potential for high efficiency, reliable base-load power demanding minimal wood fuel haulage distances and handling. Contact us if you wish to discuss small-scale Biomass CHP.

Our staff have conducted reviews of emerging small-scale Biomass CHP technologies, and large-scale power generation in the Biomass CHP and Energy from Waste EfW sectors. We also advise clients on the regulatory impact of environmental legislation for their renewable energy projects.

Our flexible working methodology means that Equis Energy is able to manage a whole project, or work under the client as part of a project delivery team. Contact us to discuss how we can help your project.